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Speed Sign


The Speed Sign is housed inside a 2 mm thick rugged and power coated aluminum case which makes it very durable. The case has a 40 mm wide Class 1 reflective red/white sticker around it to make it visible. We can also make any decoration on request.


You can choose between a bi-color (red/green) or single color diaplay, with 2 and a half digits. The display is 320 mm tall and has a 30 degrees viewing angle and can be visible from at least 150-200 meters. It is protected with a strong 5 mm thick polycarbonate shield covered with antireflex satine-surface to make it more visible.

Text Display

With the additional Text Display you can show fixed messages to drivers depending on their speed. In addition, Variable Text Display is also available, so you can change the messages to be displayed at any time.

Power Supply

You can choose from a variety of options like Solar Panel, power from Public Lighting with Battery or Permanent Power Supply. By the use of a Solar Panel it can be operated without external power.

More Info

  • No computer needed to set up
  • The radar unit can be mounted on a standard 2.5” (76mm) pole
  • Change speed limit any time
  • "No display" function to avoid speeding records
  • Don't display the speed below the limit function to save energy
  • Choose refresh time (400 or 1200 msec)

Eco Speed Sign

  • Durable PVC case, 400 * 300 * 90 mm.
  • All displays are bi-color (red and green) 2 digit LED displays.
  • Public Lighting with Battery and Solar Panel is available
  • Easy to set up
  • Weighs 6 kg
  • Displays speed between 1-99
  • Visibile up to 120m
  • Measurement range is up to 50-70m
  • Works between -20 to +50 degree celsius



Traffic Data

Use our free web app itrafficdata.com to analyze
traffic data downloaded from the Speed Sign.
(via cable, bluetooth or Wi-Fi)


  • Speed Values
  • Vehicle count
  • Average and maximum speed
  • Speed percentiles
  • Frequency evaluation
  • Historgam
  • Vehicle Classification

  • Export to Excel
  • Upload up to 4GB of data
  • More than 100 million records

Countries where our Speed Signs are already being used

Frequently Asked Questions

Who produces and develops the Speed Signs ?

Speed Signs are developed and produced by us, a Hungarian company in the EU. We are a well known company, mainly by our brand name, Ledmovie. Ledmovie was established in 1997.

What is the delivery time ?

Normally we have standard speed signs in stock, so delivery time is approx. 2-4 days. If you have any special request, it can be 2-5 weeks.

How long is the warranty period?

We have 1 year warranty according to our policy, but extended warranty time can be purchased. Please ask info@ledmovie.com

What is in the package ?

All package includes the speed sign and a small paper box with pole fixture, clamp, screws, fuses and manual.

Who pays the shipping cost ?

All price of standard speed sign includes the shipping cost in EU (exluded economy speed sign). Our forwarder company is TNT express worldwide. After your order, a tracking number will be provided and it can be checked here www.tnt.com Please note that the tracking number may be displayed later, as TNT need some time to update the data in the system.

If you need any help with the shipment or need any other service, be sure to contact our sales department or technical staff.

What size of Radar Speed Sign do I need ?

According to our experience and viewing distance, the 32 cm (12”) digit heigth can be used up to 80-90 speed limit area, while the veiwing time is approx 6-7 seconds. The 25 cm (10”) digit heigth can be used at 50 kmh speed limit area well.